oday it is essential to have logistics suppliers to provide logistics performance and drive profitability to your finances, it is why Jepara Logistic emerges as a company that achieves the goals of their customers in a more cost effective manner.

We provide international logistics solutions from anywhere in the world optimizing time and costs.

We also have highly qualified personnel in the performance of foreign trade personnel, creating solutions for control daily operations.

Global Key Family Network

Experts in logistics solutions

We have a wide range of logistics services and for suppliers are leading international logistics from China to Mexico, now we have the best transit times.

Sea freight

We have the best transit time from China to Mexico, from 16 to 18 days.

Terrestrial freights

We have a network of land transport that allow us to provide security at all times.

Air freight

We have partnerships with different airlines that allow us to provide better times and costs.

Business Solutions

We are professional in international logistics and foreign trade, with more than 20 years of experience.

Textile industry and IMMEX

We know the complexity of the production time and costs involved for a production line ...

Previous Origin

Today it is essential to deliver just in time and just in secuence, that's why we created the solution prior in origin.

Cold chain

We are experts in the logistics chain cold. Handling fruits and vegetables, perishable and frozen.

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